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CCA Advisories and Interpretations

These advisories are developed in house and express to the best of our ability what our interpretation is of the specific topic. Unless noted none of the interpretation have been brought through the appeals board.

1. When is a Building Permit Required? Download here​​

Other Advisories and Interpretations

These advisories have been developed outside of our office but are seen as valuable to designers and contractors in the interpretation of the National Building and Fire Code of Canada. Some information is dated and may not be fully relevant to today's Codes. Full reviews have not been completed on any of the below information, when being used in CCA's jurisdiction and others the final interpretation rests with the authority having jurisdiction.

Code Adoption - 2015 Construction Codes

1. What Edition of the Building Code is applicable in Saskatchewan? Download here​​

2. What changes are there from the 2010 Construction Codes Edition to the 2015 Edition?  Download here


1. Bedroom Windows and Egress Requirements? Download here​​

Fire Protection

1. Protection of Soffit's in Side-yards Download here

Design of Area's

1. Secondary Suite Requirements Download here

Structural Design


Barrier-Free Design

1. Barrier Free Ramps Download here

Advisories and Interpretations

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