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Energy Efficiency

On January 1, 2019 the Province of Saskatchewan implemented Section 9.36 of the 2015 National Building Code as well as the 2017 National Energy Code for building and development permits. The new standards will apply to applications received from this date forward.

These standards set out technical requirements for the energy efficiency design and construction of new buildings. The standards are a step towards Canada's goal of achieving "Net Zero Energy Ready" buildings by 2030. This is done by reducing the overall thermal transmittance of roofs, fenestration and doors; reducing losses through thermal bridging in building assemblies; and, reducing the allowable percentage of skylight area.

Section 9.36 and the 2017 NECB allow for three different options of compliance(see Table A- below):

1. Prescriptive Path

2. Prescriptive Path with Trade-off

3. Performance Path

Review the below worksheets to help understand and walk you through the requirements for Energy Compliance in the province. (Wall assemblies were calculated using Canadian Wood Council's online (Wall Thermal Calculator)

1. NBC Section 9.36 - Energy Efficiency Compliance Forms and Approved Assemblies

2. NECB Worksheets

A- Exemptions. Examples of buildings and spaces that are exempted from the requirements of Section 9.36 include seasonally heated buildings, storage and parking garages, small service buildings or service rooms and unconditioned spaces in buildings. However, note that, where a building envelope assembly of an exempted building is adjacent to a conditioned space, this assembly must meet the requirements of Section 9.36.

New Energy Standards Adopted in Saskatchewan


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