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Code Authority

of Saskatchewan

Who are we?

Who are we?

As a consulting company that works with many different municipalities throughout Saskatchewan we understand that you, as administrators and councilors, do not have the time and may not have the expertise to implement a proper Building Standards program within your municipality. In addition it is quite a burden to ensure you are up to date with the ongoing Building Code changes and provincial legislations changes. That is were we come in.

The Construction Code Authority(CCA) offers full Building Official Services and will assist in the implementation of a Building Standards Program for your jurisdiction. These services include, but are not limited too; plan reviews, on-site inspections during construction, final/occupancy inspections, code consulting and building bylaw development for all sizes and types of projects. Our thought-set is to provide the municipality with basically a Building Department without any added costs to the tax payer.

Partnering with CCA will give the citizens in your municipality the opportunity to have the same professional services as a large center but specifically designed for smaller centers. These services along with our fulltime experienced staff will ensure your citizens will receive the best services possible.